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Rock and Roll Superstar

Kickin' it up to eleven!

11 August
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Rewrite soon.
action action, alcohol, amanda rogers, american history x, anatomy of a ghost, anthony burgess, anti-mcdonalds, blood, books, boondock saints, brand new, bright eyes, broken social scene, cake, charles bukowski, christopher walken, clerks, concerts, copeland, cursive, darkest hour, death, deftones, desaparecidos, dr. pepper, duran duran, emo, every time i die, feist, fight club, further seems forever, gratitude, green day, guitars, hardcore, harlow's donuts, high fidelity, homestar runner, hot hot heat, i feel sick, incubus, invader zim, jack daniels, jamisonparker, jeremy enigk, jhonen vasquez, jim adkins, jim beam, jimmy eat world, johnny the homicidal maniac, jonah matranga, jose saramago, journey, joy division, jupiter sunrise, kevin smith, keyboards, local music, local shows, mae, maria taylor, maritime, menomena, mewithoutyou, mineral, mogwai, movies, music, norma jean, onelinedrawing, pat benatar, peter gabriel, piano, piercings, poetry, poison, poison the well, punk, reading, recording, reservoir dogs, ric ocasek, rival schools, rock, rocket from the crypt, rocky horror picture show, rx bandits, saves the day, sex pistols, sifl & olly, singing, southern comfort, spun, squee!, stevie ray vaughan, stone temple pilots, suicide kings, sunny day real estate, synthesizers, taco bell, taking back sunday, tears for fears, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tequila, the anniversary, the ataris, the beach boys, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cars, the clash, the cure, the early november, the fire theft, the forecast, the format, the get up kids, the good life, the kinks, the movielife, the offspring, the only children, the police, the scorpions, the smiths, the virgin suicides, thestart, thursday, tim kasher, time lapse consortium, turtles, ultimate fakebook, vegetarianism, victim of modern age, vinyl records, weezer, westerns, whiskey, william carlos williams, william shatner, writing, zao