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comfortable apathy
drink smoke fight!!!
so, now i'm torn. i'm dating this girl that is absolutely amazing...she's loving, caring, giving, selfless, etc...but yet, i find myself seeing the same things i saw in my last relationship. the gifts she claims to love but end up tossed in the back seat of the car or on a shelf in the bedroom, getting stuff piled on top of it...the things i give her that mean something to me (my first band's cd, my merch, etc) that disappear almost immediately after i give them...all the while i'm immersing myself in her interests. right now my beer has a CDD koozie on it. my old acoustic has their sticker on it. i even skated with her at the last practice. -sigh- am i making too big of a deal out of this? i really don't think so. i mean, if you are going to TELL ME that you're interested in my shit, you should at least PRETEND that it's true. maybe slap the sticker and pin i gave you somewhere prominent. maybe make a comment about my old band's cd i gave you. it's not that tough. i should just be content with the fact that i'm with someone who isn't a raging bitch all the time and doesn't cheat on me (that i know of), but i guess it isn't enough. i would like the things said to me to be true. i don't believe that that's too much to ask.


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