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hey look i'm not dead
drink smoke fight!!!
so yeah, a lot has gone down since the last entry. um, i live in an apartment now in pineville with this guy martin. been there since the beginning of november. he's a rad dude and i like living there. got a damn speeding ticket in december, paid for it, they didn't change my insurance. yay. still single, but oh well. got a show in lake charles on march 8th at 710 downtown. that should be rad since i've never played there before. i miss a lot of my friends because all i do lately is work and go home and lay in bed. i've been sick for about a week and a half but hopefully that will go away before i have the show. i have a car and a cell phone now (obviously i have a car, i think i already mentioned that, oh well) so people should call me. 419-7625. word. we don't have the internet at the apartment yet but we're about to add it so i'll post a longer more in-depth entry when i have more time. love you guys, adios for now.


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