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drink smoke fight!!!
so i am now actively looking for a place to live. i pretty much HAVE to find something within the next couple of months. so if anyone knows of something, or is looking for a roommate, or wants to move out but can't afford it WITHOUT a roommate, let me know.

let's see...oh yes, my car is FINALLY back in action. it's not completely healed, but at least i can drive it around town until i get the last of the work done. huzzah.

single again. i have decided that age does not matter; they're going to be triflin' no matter how young or how old they are. time to just start looking for someone i can trust who's into the same shit i am. aka: mission impossible. har har.

new music is still being written. it's taking a long time. i'm not surprised though since i haven't really been motivated to do much of anything lately. i'm in a slump. bleah.

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I haven't seen you around in ages, and this makes me sad.

I'm in Lake Charles for a week. I don't know if you're ever through here or not, but give me a call if so!

bah. if only you would be there on march 8th, i'm playing a show down there. grr.

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